Montclair Editors & Writers (MEWS) was founded in 2001 by Pamela Redmond Satran in collaboration with a dozen other writers and editors — including author Paula Span, sportswriter Harvey Araton, business editor Mark Fortune, short story writer Alice Elliott Dark, novelists Benilde Little and Christina Baker Kline, memoirist Dana Jennings, magazine editor Gail Belsky, and dramatist Roselee Blooston — to bring together all the writers and editors of different types in and around Montclair.  The group now numbers nearly 800 members, including editors and writers for most of the major newspapers, magazines, news services, publishing houses, and web sites, along with students and writing beginners, agents, book publicists, poets, teachers, radio, television, and multi-media professionals.  Everyone is welcome to be part of MEWS; there are no dues or membership qualifications.  We host a yearly party for all members, occasional seminars and get-togethers for more specialized groups, and help members connect via this website, our facebook group, and email.  Volunteer opportunities are boundless; editors of this site and organizers of events include Leian Welch and her swell guy Jean-Pierre, Mary Barr Mann, Betty Larrea etc etc.