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Hank Quense announced that the second book in the Princess Moxie series, Moxie’s Decision, is scheduled to become available on October 15, 2015. Until then, the ebook edition can be pre-ordered at a reduced price.
This parody about Camelot is available in all standard ebook formats from many book sellers. For a list go to:

Hank’s looking for early reviews. If anyone is interested to reviewing the book, contact him and I’ll provide a free ebook in pdf, epub or mobi formats.
Send an email to hanque (at) verizon (dot) net.

I’ve written a series of four books to demystify the self-publishing and book marketing processes. I’ve spent a year on these Self-publishing Guides and now it’s time to get some book reviews for all four books. I have a plan to encourage folks to write and post positive reviews for my books. I’m calling it a Review Blitz and it will involve giveaways. I’ll be giving away American Express Gift Cards to be awarded via a random drawing.
Here’s the deal.
Step 1) Select one of these books to read and review:
Self-publishing a Book
Marketing Plans for Self-publishing Authors
Manage Your Self-publishing Project
Business Basics for Authors
You can find out more about these books on my Amazon page or on my Strange Worlds Online website. You can also download a brochure.
Step 2) Send me an email at telling me which book you chose and I’ll send a 100% discount coupon to download the book from Smashwords in the format you wish. (Note: this is a different email address than my usual email address)
Step 3) post your review during the week of 3/1 thru 3/7/14
Step 4) For extra credit (and rewards), write a blog and post it during the week of 3/1 thru 3/7/14.
Step 5) Send me an email at when the review is posted. If you wrote a blog post, send me a link to the site in addition to the review posting.
Here’s how the drawing will work.
If you write a review and post it on Amazon, you’ll get entered into a contest for a $50 gift card.
If you post the review on Amazon AND Goodreads, you’ll have two entires in the $50 gift card drawing.
If you post a review on Amazon AND write a blog post about the book, you’ll get an entry into a drawing for a $100 gift card.
If you post a review on Amazon AND Goodreads AND write a blog post, you’ll get two entires in the $100 drawing.
CAUTION: posting stuff outside the week of 3/1 thru 3/7/14 will be appreciated but will not qualify you for the drawings.

If you commute to work, you’ll enjoy your ride reading Anthony Buccino’s latest collection “This Seat Taken? Notes of a Hapless Commuter” about the joys and follies of getting to and from work in the city using NJ Transit bus and light rail service, the PATH and DeCamp bus lines.

Buccino’s bus and rail commuting tales and observations are collected in this new 224-page book which is also available on Amazon and Nook.

For 11 years, he rode public transportation including NJ Transit buses, Newark City Subway — later NJ Transit Light Rail, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, Port Authority Trans Hudson’s PATH trains, the occasional NYC subway and DeCamp buses.

For five years, Buccino wrote about commuting and transit in metro New York-New Jersey for His transit blog on earned the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism award. Many of those blurbs, and more are gathered in this collection.

Commuters who knew he wrote for would seek him out and tell him their commuter tales of woe. Often they would simply commiserate and try to see who had a worse ride in that day. But more than once, Buccino was button-holed after a scathing piece on, say, homeless people’s using Newark City Subway stairwells as toilets, and told that it was cleaned up within hours of his writing about it online.

For the most part, the items collected in “This Seat Taken?” are short, so readers and commuters can pick it up and read at random, or read as far as they can before their own stop. Then, it’s easy to pick up where you left off or try pot-luck in the three sections of the book.

For more information visit Anthony’s website.

Author Event: Sharon Dennis Wyeth, 3/14

Who: Sharon Dennis Wyeth
What: “The Granddaughter Necklace”
When: Mar 14 at 7:00 PM
Where: Watchung Booksellers (54 Fairfield St, Montclair, NJ)

With a historical sweep that reaches back to Ireland and to Africa, and an intimacy that resides in every family’s treasured stories, acclaimed author Sharon Dennis Wyeth tells the tale of her own family’s journey, from the old world to the new, from the past to the present, and from mother to daughter, all woven together by a beloved piece of jewelry, inherited from generation to generation. This beautiful picture book is perfect for children and their families.

Sharon Dennis Wyeth is the author of several books, including Something Beautiful, a Children’s Book Council Notable Book; Always My Dad, a “Reading Rainbow” selection; and Once on This River , a New York Public Library One Hundred Titles for Reading and Sharing selection. She is the first recipient of the Stephen Crane Literary Award, presented by the Newark Public Library.

Contact Watchung Booksellers at 973 744 7177 for more information.

For ten years as a reporter at The Star-Ledger, Brad Parks chronicled the devastation caused by illegal guns on the streets of Newark.

Then he signed a book deal, moved south, and saw where many of those guns had been coming from.

That journey is reflected in THE GOOD COP, Parks’s fourth novel featuring investigative reporter Carter Ross. The book is published by Minotaur, and Parks will make several stops throughout New Jersey in March to discuss the novel and sign copies. For dates and details, please see

Told in Ross’s signature wisecracking-but-compassionate tone, THE GOOD COP traces illegal gun smuggling from a sporting goods store in Virginia up Interstate 95 to New Jersey, where many of the guns used in crimes are believed to be unlawful.

“The story Carter chases is fictional, but the issue is real,” Parks said. “This is not some leftist polemic about gun control – both sides of this debate acknowledge that an illegal gun is a problem. And there’s a reason why law enforcement calls I-95 ‘the iron pipeline.’ It’s a conduit from places where gun laws are lax to places where they’re tight. And it’s helping to fuel the epidemic of violence that continues to plague our cities.”

The book has received glowing advance reviews. The Associated Press says, “Parks’ laid-back narration and appealing protagonist add up to a great lighthearted read. Though it’s the fourth Carter Ross book, newcomers won’t feel lost.”

And Publisher’s Weekly adds, “Satisfying…. Parks nails the newspaper milieu and the Newark setting, while his solid cast of characters should keep readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.”

Parks, 38, lived in Maplewood for ten years while he was a reporter with The Star Ledger. He left the newspaper world in 2008. Originally from New Jersey, Parks now lives in Virginia where he is at work on the next book in the Carter Ross series.

Self-publishing ebook now available

Author Hank Quense and Strange Worlds Publishing announce the availability of a new book called Manage Your Self-publishing Project. It is aimed at writers who are interested in self-publishing.

This ebook represents a unique approach to self-publishing.  It uses to flow charts and mind-maps to graphically explain the processes.  The book presents the steps first-time self-publishers needs to take to get their book published. It also depicts the steps necessary to begin the marketing efforts. There are notes associated with the flow charts and the mind-maps to explain the tasks involved in that part of the process. These charts can be considered as elaborate and extensive to-do lists with time frames on when you should be addressing each to-do item.

The ebook is available from Smashwords and Kindle and other major ebook sellers:

MEWSie David Henry Sterry is proud to announce that the first book he ever wrote, which he started 20 years ago, is finally coming out. He’s very proud of this book, and the sublime illustrations by one of his favorite artists, Alain Pilon. But perhaps more importantly, this is the book that led me to the love of his life. To read the story behind that, click here To see the video trailer, click here. To buy the book, click here.


New book by Les Leopold

Twenty-year resident of Montclair, Les Leopold, is out with his third book, “How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour: Why Hedge Funds Get Away with Siphoning Off America’s Wealth” (John Wiley and Sons, 2013). Using the format of a 12 step guide to riches, he takes aim at the growing inequality in America. For example he explores how it is possible that a top hedge fund manager can make as much in one hour as the average family makes in 47 years! He hopes that his friends and neighbors who work in high finance will still speak with him after reading about the nefarious ways hedge funds rig the financial system for fame and fortune.

Publication of The Myth of Race

MEWSie Jeff Fish writes:

Some of you are aware that I’ve been writing about race in my Psychology Today blog, Looking in the Cultural Mirror. I’m delighted to let you know that I’ve just published a new e-book and paperback, The Myth of Race, which debunks common misconceptions, available from—among other places—Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other leading online booksellers.

Advance praise comes from former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen, and from anthropologist Audrey Smedley, author of Race in North America. Secretary Cohen said, “The Myth of Race is must reading.”



Pioneering Woman Physician Launches Book

Dr. Margaret Brisco of Montclair will launch her new book “The Way it Was: Memories of a Woman Doctor” at the Montclair Public Library (50 South Fullerton) at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 18. The event is free and open to the public. Dr. Brisco was one of the first women to be an intern at Newark’s former Martland Medical Center. She writes candidly about the difficulties and challenges in the 50s and 60s as a woman in a male-dominated profession. The book is published by SCribbulations, Inc. Dr. Brisco is a founding member of the Montclair Write Group.