from Pam Satran

JP Welch, creator with his wife Leian Welch of the site (which they designed, built, and host for free in support of MEWS) as well as my site for How Not To Act Old at, is an excellent web designer with a wealth of technical know-how.   His under-construction website is; contact him at

from Phil Simon:
E-mail : <>
URL    :

Shiri Amram is amazing. She did my site and I get compliments on it all of
the time.


from Charlotte Mandel:
I heartily recommend my web designer, Diane Himics.  She is a pleasure to
work with, sophisticated and creative in the use of web technology and
imagery, sensitive to various needs.
You can see a sample of her work at my website: <>

She’s at
or email

from John Paine:
I’d like to suggest that authors, etc., contact my brother, Rod Paine, for
help with designing their website. He actually is a very good designer,
having designed my website, <> , which
many clients have told me is an attractive site. Here is his contact info:

Rod Paine
Pinpoint Design
55 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004
212-785-5525 <

Thanks very much for your attention.
Best, John Paine
John Paine Editorial Services

Judith Rew does a lot of volunteer graphic arts for BlueWave and school
organizations, in addition to all of her work with mostly nonprofits. She’s
a local graphic designer with web design experience.  She is not a techie,
so she works with a tech person (Dee Schmitz) who does the finishing touches
of making the design postable on the web.

Judith Rew Graphic Design and Production
7 Jefferson Place
Montclair NJ 07042

Trevor Sage-EL, son of Watchung Booksellers¹ Margot Sage-EL, is just
starting out as a web designer and offers the lowest prices around. If
Margot has helped you out (and there’s a good chance she has), consider
returning the favor. Contact Trevor and ask to see the most current samples
of his work.

Trevor sage-EL


from Pat Ferdinandi:

Caryl Felicetta of SingleThrow ( designed two of my websites including creating a great logo for each. One company has shut down but you can see the logo still. This is a small company specializing in media content with a specialty in Search Engine Optimization. This will not be the cheapest recommendation. This is the best value for what you pay for recommendation. Caryl is a fantastic person that I’ve worked with for 15 years.